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St. Paul the Apostle

Parish Updates

Updated April 14, 2020

  • Mass Cancellations

    • As you know, all Masses are suspended up to the end of April. That date most probably will be extended. We will keep you posted.

  • Private Daily Masses

    • Fr. Eric is celebrating Mass privately during the week and on Sundays and is remembering all parishioners and their intentions in the Masses. You can still book Mass intentions by calling Kaelyn at the office and Fr. Eric will be remembering your Mass intentions when he celebrates Mass privately.

  • New Parish Office Hours

    • Our new Parish Office hours are Tuesday – Friday 10am – 2pm or you can leave a message for Fr. Eric or Kaelyn our Parish secretary at any time and they will return your call. Parish Office # 204-832-6122

  • If you need anything please contact Fr. Eric, or the parish office.

  • We are here for you.

  • Thanks so much - stay safe and well and God bless.

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